Muritai Olive Grove

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Bentzen Drive, Parekura Bay, New Zealand
15B Bentzen Drive Parekura Bay Northland 0184 NZ

Muritai Olive Grove – Appointment Only

Muritai Olive Grove in Parekura Bay, New Zealand was established in 1994 by Roger and Mary Wyatt.

The Grove is situated on a headland in the Far North of New Zealand in the Bay of Islands. The long hot summers and cooler winter temperatures have proven ideal for the growth and health of the trees.

Muritai Olive Grove is 30 minutes from the township of Russell or 1 hour from Whangarei taking the coastal route. Visitors to Muritai Olive Grove are most welcome. We suggest an email or a phone call first as we could be out fishing, swimming or walking in our beautiful Bay of Islands.


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